How Many Times Did You Reheat Your Coffee Today?

It’s 8:30am on another Wednesday morning. I just realized I was enjoying a cup of coffee at some point, but it has disappeared. Where is it? Kids bedroom, gear cubby, fridge, bathroom, bus stop. The microwave. Yes!

I love coffee. I love the smell of it. I love the ritual of it. I plan for it.

So how does my one little cup of coffee persevere for 3 hours every single morning?

Because I don’t take time for myself in the wee hours. (How can I?)

My fault. Well sort of. I do (try) to get up between 5:30-6am. The intent is to workout, have my cup of coffee while peacefully skimming the paper then begin the onslaught.

Reality check.

I now have a puppy that wakes up at 4:45am on the dot. And I’ve always had one love bug with FOMO so she’s up shortly after that. So my time? Whoosh. Gone.

Every morning is a hustle. Roll out of bed. Go outside with the dog. Come back in silently in the hopes of avoiding the inevitable. Brew some Nespresso with an extra shot of REAL. Then start on those lunches. Ask Alexa for some ‘morning pick-me-up music’. And I am suddenly rollin’ with my homies. Kids are up. Husband is by my side slathering peanut butter on something. The bus app says it’s time to go and we are off!

Holy crap. It’s 8:30am. I’ve put in 3 hours and I didn’t even finish my coffee.


Taking a step back I know that someday this will all be a blur. I will marvel at how strong I was, and I will yearn to get ALL of it back.

So I wonder. Who cares if my kids eat PB&J, school lunch or leftovers from 3 days ago? Do they really need the extra care with their steel-cut oats and well-rounded lunch every day? Or do they just need me to sit down with my coffee and toaster waffles and read the comics to them?

Shouldn’t I still consider that time for me?

Ladies this is our time. We can & will fit it all in.

So I leave you with a challenge.  Drink your cup of coffee today….And finish it.