Create and Cultivate

Pinch us! How did we get so lucky to be surrounded by hundreds of inspiring and intelligent women at the Create and Cultivate event in New York City? The beauty, the “badass,” the passion, the drive of SO MANY INCREDIBLE human beings in one room. From the connections we made with complete strangers in the bathroom, sharing our vulnerabilities with like-minded beauties sitting next to us to listening to speakers like Rebecca Minkoff, Martha Stewart and Tamara Mellon in the intimate setting Create and Cultivate embodies. We are still in complete and TOTAL AWE.

Like so many of these women acknowledged, starting a business brings incredible challenges with many twists and turns and highs and lows. We at the Press Pause Project feel so grateful for the tribe of incredible women we’ve met along the way. These women have allowed us to create a true community. One that’s raw and relatable. While at Create and Cultivate, there was one particular session titled, “In Good Company. The Women Creating, Collaborating and Cultivating Community,” that was especially powerful to us. This panel was made up of pure AWESOME and words of brilliance by Marie Forleo from the B School, Gabby Bernstein- renowned author and spirit junkie, Paulina L’Hote, winemaker at Domaine Chadon, Katie Sturino the hilarious Megababe Founder, Betsy Patel – the brilliant chemist behind Living Proof Dry Shampoo and Suzy Batiz, the founder behind Poo-Pourri.

We couldn’t jot down all of the goodness at once, but there were many quotes that struck a chord with us, and felt it was only fair to share with you. We at the Press Pause Project vow to take what we’ve learned from this incredible community and continue to create amazing CBD products, experiences, and communities to make a true difference. Pinky Swear promise!


“Receive all the abundance that you are worthy of”
“I was internally, spiritually, and mentally bankrupt. Hitting bottom is perhaps the greatest catalyst for a moment of change.”
”Midwifery to each other’s dreams- It’s adding the small miracles that add up to the big events of life. “
“Energy is your greatest currency”
“Combine awesome science with impactful moments”

Oh, and don’t forget, our quote of the day…. “When life starts accelerating wildly out of control, PRESS PAUSE.”