press pause cbd rebrand

A note from our founder…

Change is the only constant in life. If we embrace uncertainty, we find that some of the most beautiful chapters will unfold. Today, I am proud to uncover what we’ve been so busy doing behind the scenes over the past 12 months at Press Pause.

Press Pause started in 2018 where a group of my nearest and dearest friends assembled for a series of evenings to be recognized as the “One Little Word Club”. Each woman was asked to choose a word to reflect and focus upon – a single word mantra that would resonate as they went about their daily lives. It was the word ‘Pause’ that resonated with us the most as we gracefully carried the weight of the world on our shoulders and shared the desire to be heard. Over the past four years, we have created CBD products for women, by women –  products we know they will come to love and appreciate. We have set out to share our very real and raw struggles as women, decrease stigma around those topics, and to give ourselves and others the opportunity to take a moment… to Press Pause. 

press pause cbd initial launch

The best kind of people waltz into your life and all of a sudden, you can’t remember life without them. The kind of people who feel like sunshine after months of endless rain, the kind of people who believe in you so much that you are left with little doubt within yourself. For myself and Press Pause, this was the extraordinary group of human beings that make up our new parent company, Tenacious Labs. Over the past year, I have been fortunate to work alongside the breadth of knowledge, expertise and vision of my colleagues, as we write this new chapter together. Together, we share a single belief – sharing the Press Pause story in order to help others. 

We have invested in the innovation of our products to support every facet of women’s wellness, from hormonal challenges brought about by PMS or menopause, to the mental and physical stresses of running around doing a million things over taking care of ourselves. 

press pause cbd relaunch

As we continue to build the extraordinary community we’ve started, by curating content and remedies that women are seeking, we hope to encourage more moments of pause –  to help women to just be. Our intention as always is to connect more – to educate, support and encourage conversation around the myriad of challenges that women face – and in doing so, we hope the passion, philosophy and integrity behind our products will speak for themselves.

Welcome to the next chapter of Press Pause. One of many. 

Enjoy and Turn Up Your Happy. We all deserve it.