What exactly is CBD?

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here’s the lowdown.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent and powerful chemical compounds in the cannabis sativa plant. Within our bodies, we have a naturally-occurring endocannabinoid system. When you use CBD, it interacts with this gateway into the receptors that make up this system and help balance it out or find homeostasis (an awesome state of all-round ‘steady-ness’). That incredible feeling is what makes people swear by it.

Contrary to what you might think, CBD has no toxicity to humans and no mind-altering effects – meaning it’s not going to make you ‘high’. Today, it is used all over the world to support the mind and body, and is continuously being studied by health professionals and scientists for a myriad of health benefits.

what is cbd

From immune support to preventative care, implementing your own CBD ritual can provide the self-care you’ve been seeking. Used regularly as part of a routine, CBD promotes a general feeling of wellness and calm. And a well woman? Well, she can do just about anything.


Research suggests that by interacting with our internal endocannabinoid system and triggering cannabinoid signaling, CBD may be able to assist with anxiety - from everyday instances to disorders. This all-natural alternative is versatile for both as-needed and long-term care.


For the times you need on-demand stress relief, CBD may be the ultimate tool that you’ve been looking for. The plant-derived compound may help soothe the mind and body from chronic stress, helping you level up.

Stress Relief

CBD has clinical evidence that supports its impressive inflammation and pain-relieving potential. By interacting with various pathways in the brain and immune system, CBD may alleviate a variety of aches, pains, and tension ranging from injury to chronic conditions.

Pain and Tension

It is believed that CBD may interact with the body’s natural sleep-wake cycles for improving sleep. The compound’s calming effect may balance the nervous system and essential chemical messengers for enhancing overall sleep quality. 


Women face unique challenges throughout their various life stages, requiring support for PMS, PMDD, menopause, and women-prone ailments. From symptom management to supporting underlying causes, CBD may offer a wealth of medicinal value for women’s health. Experience exclusive therapeutic promise for our unique anatomy.


CBD may help balance hormones, increase sex drive, encourage blood flow for arousal, enhance sensitivity, and promote natural lubrication. This natural compound can help improve both sensual experiences and solo play.


Hormone changes play a key role in the development of joint conditions, especially during menopause. Whether you’re looking for preventative care or need some extra support for managing your joint condition, CBD may offer the benefits that you’re looking for.

Joint Health

Heart disease is the number one killer of women. When combined with healthy lifestyle habits, CBD may offer preventative support for cardiovascular health. CBD’s promising anti-inflammatory nature may also deliver benefits for existing conditions.

Heart Health

From pre-workout support to post-workout recovery, CBD’s various fitness benefits potential may help you achieve your workout goals. Whether you need motivation for your weekly classes or additional care for better consistency, CBD can take you to the next level.

Fitness Recovery

Research supports CBD’s promising antidepressant effects. By engaging 5-HT1A receptors, a type of serotonin receptor, as well as modulating vital chemical mood messengers, CBD may ease depression symptoms.


Autoimmune conditions are more prevalent in women due to periods of extensive stress or significant hormone changes. CBD may offer immune-modulating properties, acting as a regulating tool for bringing an over or under-reacting immune system back to balance.

Autoimmune Conditions

CBD made for
women, by women

Our CBD is specially formulated to support us as women through every phase of our lives. It harmonizes with our biological makeup to transform our sense of wellbeing and give us the opportunity to press pause, take control, and thrive.

We never compromise on the safety, quality, and effectiveness of our CBD – because we know that when life goes at over 100 miles an hour, those are the last things you need to worry about.